Our activities are driven by the active voice of four multi-stakeholder solutions councils, supported by a network of maker innovation labs and the HELIX web-based repository.

Maker Innovation Network

Premiering with two Maker Innovation Spaces supporting hands on curriculum innovation. These facilities, one in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Danang, will create an active learning and innovation environment whereby both STEM students and the private sector will benefit.

Women in STEM mentorship programs and Leadership forums

Launch university campus based clubs and associated programs providing female mentors in STEM careers; host a Women in STEM Leadership forum supporting academic initiatives and scholarships for females in STEM degrees.

Executive Leadership training

In collaboration with Portland State University (PSU), the training will embed world-class institutional policy practices within Rectors and senior leadership in Vietnamese Universities.

HELIX Portal

Launch the Higher Education Learning and Innovation Exchange (HELIX) that provides a digital repository for educational resources, social collaboration tools to interact and collaborate with peers, and the creation of a community of practice.

engagement events

Host semi-annual events linking private sector and higher education to increase the population of innovative workforce-ready graduates.

Developing Quality training

In collaboration with Catholic University of America (CUA) the training addresses university, program, and course quality, and to partner with VNU and UDN Accreditation Institutes in developing quality assessor training for national impact.

Project-based curriculum

Establish project-based curriculum comprised of experiential learning opportunities, strengthening industry-university linkages across multiple curriculum platforms via industry-sponsored projects, co-ops, capstone design projects and apprenticeships.

Certified Facilitator programs

Implement programs to improve instructional pedagogy teaching quality, leveraging in-country trainers, and distance technologies to create sustainable long-term faculty development systems to ensure wide-scale adoption and implementation of modern methodologies.