The BUILD-IT Alliance focuses on creating a world-class model for innovative technology and engineering higher education

The BUILD-IT public-private ecosystem is designed to produce graduates who can solve problems and engineer solutions and value for Vietnam’s social and economic development. BUILD-IT leverages millions invested, the vast capabilities of the implementing partner, Arizona State University, America’s largest and #1-ranked University for innovation, along with diverse government, industry and academic partners linking technology and engineering higher education to the needs and capabilities of industry partners.

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4,703 Trained

We build strategic leadership skills to advance university autonomy, program and instructional quality, and form lasting partnerships.

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39% Women

We support female empowerment through leadership forums, academic initiatives and scholarships, and strengthen the universities’ capacity for building technical English skills.




Da Nang University of Technology student builds a community to encourage fellow women in STEM


The Automation Competition 2020 was held at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) on October 9, 2020, marking its second appea


Toan Nguyen graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) in the early 2000s, at a t

Project-based curriculum

Universities across Vietnam are offering more and more applied project competitions.