Global EPICS - Innovation Showcase

  • Date:June 28th, 2023  
    08:30 am
    11:30 am

Global EPICS is an integrated course (hybrid and online) in the Spring 2023 semester. The course is designed for undergraduate students from engineering and technology universities in Vietnam and Arizona State University who are eager to demonstrate a commitment to make a community impact through hands on projects. Student participants, in partnership with USAID, ODC, and US Army Corp of Engineers, form teams to design solutions related to access to clean water, energy and power systems, and natural disaster resistant construction. Global EPICS is a real-world vehicle to provide students with experience focusing their ideas, meeting deadlines, writing a design plans and presenting their ideas to the world. These skills prepare students for a competitive work environment while in university.

Teams design, build, and test prototypes to find solutions to the problem sets and will compete in a final showcase competition, which include 2 rounds.

ROUND 1: Video competition

  • Each team will submit a video clip (max 3 mins) explaining the challenges and demonstrating how their project would solve the problems. Submission closed on June 6 (TBC)
  • Top 10 teams (4- Energy; 4- Water; 2-Public Health) will proceed to theVirtual Innovation Showcase

Judging criteria (Round 1)

Video production:

  • The video is well planned, with smooth transitions and edits
  • Sound is balanced and easy to hear
  • The video runs within 3 mins

Content clarity:

  • The video clearly identifies the challenges
  • The video clearly demonstrate the team’s solution of the problems
  • The video shows how the solution impacts the community

ROUND 2 – Virtual Innovation Showcase

Date: June 28

  • 10 teams will present their projects virtually to a panel of judges
  • Each team will have 10 mins for presentation and 5 mins for Q&A
  • Judges will listen to their presentation, ask following up questions and do assessment based on judging criteria using an online judging form

Innovation Awards

10 teams will have a chance to win:

  • 1 First Place team will win a $500 award
  • 1 Second Place team will win a $300 award
  • 1 Third Place team will win a $200 award
June 28, 2023
8:30 – 8:45 AM Online check-in
8:45 – 8:55 AM Program introduction
Introduction of judges, teams, assessment criteria, prizes
8:55 – 9:00 AM Opening remarks
Rep from USAID or USACE
9:00 – 10:30 AM Project presentation (6 teams)
10:30 – 10:40 AM Break
10:40 – 11:40 AM Project presentation (4 teams)
11:40 – 11:45 AM Short break (for score finalization)
11:45 – 11:55 AM Award presentation