Quick start guides and compilation of best practices

The BUILD-IT Playbook series has been developed with collaboration and input from BUILD-IT partners and is designed to provide a quick start guide and compilation of best practices that have been effectively implemented in Vietnam by our partner institutions.  By leveraging these lessons learned and resources for implementation of tested and effective models, you will have resources that will help you develop a sustainable world class model in STEM Higher Education.

Student Learning About 3D Printing
A Playbook for University Leaders Seeking AUN-IQA
A Playbook for University Leaders Seeking AUN-IQA
With the purpose of enhancing the quality of education, research, and service at the institutional level, AUN-IQA certification provides increased reputation, continual improvement, enhanced effectiveness and facilitation towards national and global ranking. This playbook presents recommended processes, best practices and key points of emphasis to facilitate the successful completion of AUN-IQA certification.
EPICS Playbook
EPICS Playbook
Helping students build both the hard and soft skills needed to be successful, EPICS is an internationally recognized engineering-based service learning and social innovation applied project program. By providing opportunities of field experience in designing, building, and rebuilding prototypes, students gain real-world experience and confidence.
Maker Innovation Space
Maker Innovation Space
Multifunctional spaces with workshops and tools to prototype innovations, Makerspaces provide critical learning spaces to the generation of problem solvers. This step-by-step playbook provides accessible instructions for successfully implementing a Makerspace in your school, including defining your space and layout, selecting necessary tools, and managing and sustaining your Makerspace.
Women in Applied Projects
Women in Applied Projects
With the serious underrepresentation of women in applied learning projects, it is incumbent upon institutions to lower barriers to inclusion. This playbook presents detailed instructions for creating gender-responsive programs that encourage and support women in engineering.
  • AUN-IQA came at the right moment at HCMUT that just started to learn about institutional quality assurance. The AUN-IQA Certification has been a critical force behind the improvement of our university and has helped us to attract more qualified students. Thus, I think this playbook will be a valuable resource to IQA officials and leaders. - Dr. Vu Dinh Thanh
    Former Rector
    Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)

  • The training helps enhance outcome-based education which is at a very initial state in Vietnam. It provides faculty a practical approach to implement better teaching and learning activities to help students achieve higher order thinking learning outcomes. - Dr.Ngo Van Thuyen
    Chairman of University Council
    Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

  • During the preparation for AUN-IQA, we had the opportunity to identify our weaknesses and consequently developed corrective actions to rectify them. I believe the AUN-IQA has really helped us to improve the quality of our university substantially. - Dr.Phan Tuan Nghia
    Former Vice-Rector
    Hanoi University of Science, VNU (VNU-HUS)

  • I really like the way that the course is organized through the LMS system, online, face-to-face, and communication during the MTT class. As one of 25 lecturers participating in an MTT at Lac Hong University, I learned a lot from the CFs and colleagues about how to improve learner’s engagement and motivation. In addition, I realize that organizing appropriate learning activities helps students become more active and engaged in discovering knowledge. - Dr. Nguyen Thi Nhu Quynh
    Dean of Faculty of Pharmaceutical
    Lac Hong University

Certified Facilitator & Master Teacher Program Playbook
Certified Facilitator & Master Teacher Program Playbook
Project-based learning and student-centered learning are only as effective as the faculty who implement them. This playbook provides step-by-step strategies for creating a high yield of trained faculty in a short duration of time who can better drive students towards university success.
Digital Pedagogy in Higher Education Playbook Cover
Digital Pedagogy in Higher Education Playbook
Through the digital pedagogy in higher education playbook, BUILD-IT university partners have access to proven best practices, methodologies, and approached for teaching and learning in a digital environment. A collaborative effort between ASU and its six strategic partner universities, the Digital Pedagogy in Higher Education faculty training program has launched at scale to expand the knowledge base and skillset of higher education educators in Vietnam.
Industry Advisory Board Playbook Cover
The Industry Advisory Board Playbook
Establishing an Industrial Advisory Board assists your program in many practical, tangible ways. By aligning your program with industry needs and providing your students with experience in industry and business, your IAB helps you set your students up for success when they graduate.
Accreditation Playbook Cover
The Accreditation Playbook
This playbook serves as a quick start guide for leaders and officials of universities who are considering or have begun a journey to external international accreditation for programs. It contains an introduction to international program accreditation, its value and benefits, and the structured approach proven to be successful for Vietnamese universities. Contributing Vietnamese partner’s experience are included to help validate both the process and value of attaining accreditation.