Pearson Education

Pearson Education offers services for all stages of learningPearson Education has continued in-kind to support the learning management system (LMS), Moodle, for BUILD-IT partners including hosting, configuration, training and platform support. Support of the LMS implementation includes lecturer training for the strategic use of the platform. Pearson has also funded the annual Pearson Education Innovation Award Vietnam, with winners announced during STEMCON. Awarded to educators and leaders who have implemented projects with measurable and demonstrable results, the award is designed to support innovations that are impactful as well as beneficial to the community. In addition, Pearson actively participates and sponsors conference and industry engagement events.
Training faculty, engaging studentsLearning management system training is aimed to build technical skills and refine faculty’s instructional curriculum design skills to successfully teach and engage. Faculty are learning to use basic features to organize and present material, and how to engage students through video and discussion forums.