National Instruments

National Instruments is helping to accelerate engineering success National Instruments (NI) supports project-based learning applied curriculum development of BUILD-IT universities through hands-on training workshops on NI tools and Lab View software as well as access to NI curriculum materials. Project-based workshops in partnership with National Instruments have addressed the challenge that graduates face: many are not adequately equipped with skills to apply concepts or to translate knowledge into practice. These workshops allow participants to explore details of various project-based learning implementation models while experiencing typical project-based, hands-on activities. In addition, NI actively participates and sponsors conference and industry engagement events.
Defining critical skill gaps Through project-based workshops and workforce councils, National Instruments is working to address the struggle employers face to find workers with adequate and relevant skills. This partnership works to develop collaborative short and long-term education and training programs to develop and sustain a world-class STEM workforce.