AWS Educate

Amazon Web Services is a global leader in cloud computing Amazon Web Services provides access to AWS Educate, a self-service platform that gives BUILD-IT partner institutions free access to a range of AWS technology necessary to integrate current and relevant applied curriculum. Support includes AWS Promotional Credits for both educators and student access to AWS cloud computing technology, Global Collaboration Portal with curriculum access to over 500 institutions globally and AWS Training and Technical resources to integrate new cloud curriculum and student projects platforms. AWS now has seven BUILD-IT partner members. AWS sponsors a nationwide Hackathon and a series of Hackathon Technical Essentials preparation workshops culminating in final presentations. Amazon actively participates and sponsors conference and industry engagement events.
Preparing workforce ready graduates According to trainers, AWS Technology is one of the most sought-after skills on LinkedIn. As such, AWS Educate Workshops are designed to equip faculty with fundamental proficiency in AWS technology, and how to integrate it into curriculum. Participants learn to leverage cloud technology and explore topics including security, big data and Internet of things.