Data Aggregation, Display & Evaluation Workshop at IUH

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Instructors:  Dr. Scott Danielson -- Arizona State University, Mr. Thai Tran, Ms. Ha MaiAttendees:  Interested IUH program leaders, lecturers and QA professional staffExpected Outcomes:  Participants will review fundamental tenants of assessing student learning as related to program level learning outcomes and how that information is used to improve a course or program.  Building on this knowledge, participants will explore various assessment tools for determining student learning, based on the type of learning outcome, and their resulting assessment data.   Techniques used to aggregate data from these different types of assessment tools will be practiced—providing an overall view of student attainment of the student outcome  Development of software tools to aggregate assessment data streams and display them in easy to understand formats—which make evaluation much more straightforward—will be explored.  An electronic structure for assessment documentation (rubrics, assessment results and examples of student work) will be discussed and demonstrated.  Participants will be given the data aggregation software tool so they can customize it for their use.