Workshop: Assessment of Institution Preparedness for AUN-IQA Certification Based on Self-Assessment Report (SAR)

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  • Location:Ho Chi Minh City
This workshop will focus on assessing the institution preparedness for AUN-IQA Certification using the AUN Self-Assessment Report (SAR). In particular, it will use the requirements of the SAR to formulate and develop rubrics to assess how prepared the institution is in terms of the satisfaction of these requirements. In doing so, the institution will be able to identify weaknesses and deficiencies, which will enable it to rectify them years before considering applying for AUN-QA Assessment at the intuitional level. First the Workshop will briefly review the three criteria categories including the Strategic QA, Systemic QA and Functional QA and then discuss the requirements and criteria for AUN-QA assessment at the institutional level. Fundamental concepts such as that the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle will be refreshed. Then a group of SAR requirements will be strategically selected and the assessment rubrics will be formulated and developed for them. We then illustrate how the developed rubrics can be employed to assess the institution preparedness for the satisfaction of the particular requirements. In addition, though the above rubrics-based assessment, we will show how to identify the weaknesses and deficiencies for the particular requirements and thereby derive corrective actions to rectify them.