Teaching Engineering through English – Principles for College Professors

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  • Location:Ho Chi Minh City

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) refers to teaching subjects such as science, history, and engineering through a foreign language. Through collaboration with Arizona State University, engineering students in Vietnam learn from master teachers in English. Experienced engineering professors often lack the requisite skills for teaching beyond their subject matter. This workshop will give them specific strategies and techniques to integrate English language concepts into their curriculum while teaching engineering through English.

Drs. Dixon and Shewell have extensive experience in language teaching and curriculum design. Drs. Dixon and Shewell have created the most successful online English teacher-training program in the world.  In just four short years, their courses boast over 250,000 unique enrollments from learners in 196 different countries.  They are winners of the prestigious Learner First Award, given to course designers for their unique ability to engage learners.  Their principles of “sticky curriculum” have made them sought after conference speakers, and they continue to teach these and other principles to educators around the world.