Instructional Design and Educational Technology Principles for the Masses

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  • Location:Ho Chi Minh City

The success of the traditional university is increasingly measured by the strength of its online presence. However, most teachers and administrators lack the requisite skills to properly, plan, design, and market online courses. To increase a university’s online presence, a useful solution would be a series of workshops from leading designers that empower educators to learn the digital world.  Proper workshops would include learning management system (LMS) design, the methodology of online education as a whole, multimedia principles, and learner engagement. Such a series would give teachers the tools to move into the digital age by which they can develop engaging online courses that are competitive within the field.

Drs. Dixon and Shewell and Mr. Hampton have extensive experience in online design and multimedia creation. Drs. Dixon and Shewell have created the most successful online English teacher-training program in the world.  In just four short years, their courses boast over 250,000 unique enrollments from learners in 196 different countries.  They are winners of the prestigious Learner First Award, given to course designers for their unique ability to engage learners.  Their principles of “sticky curriculum” have made them sought after conference speakers, and they continue to teach these and other principles to educators around the world. Whereas, in Mr. Hampton’s role at ASU, he manages all aspects of the multimedia development process for faculty at Fulton Schools of Engineering from content redesign to overseeing the production of videos and editing. His expertise was essential in ASU’s development of the MSc in Computer Science course that was launched on Coursera last year.