21st Century Skills in the Classroom: Problem Solving

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  • Location:Ho Chi Minh City

The need for Problem Solving cannot go understates. College graduates are leaving the academic arena unprepared for the challenges their new career will pose. While many graduates may have the theoretical knowledge, they lack certain skill sets that allow them to put that theory into practice. By teaching a soft skill, such as problem solving, through an Active Learning methodology, students will have the opportunity to not only put the theoretical knowledge they have learned into practice but will also be doing this while developing a very important workforce-readiness skill employers are desperately seeking. The second in a series of workshops, This highly-interactive session will focus on Problem Solving through the lens of Active Learning, prompting faculty to participate in various activities and discussions. Faculty in this workshop can expect to delve into areas of Problem Solving and practice to gain a better sense of understanding, not only of its importance, but also how Problem Solving can be utilized in the classroom. Faculty familiar with Active Learning will learn to utilize methods to integrate Problem Solving into their classrooms and course projects, which could exist at a micro or macro level.