Workshop #3 on Data Aggregation, Display & Evaluation Workshop - Phenikaa University

  • Date:June 20th, 2022  
    08:00 am
    11:00 am

Instructor:        Dr. Scott Danielson, Mr. Thai Tran, Ms. Ha Mai -- Arizona State University
Attendees:     Interested HAUI program leaders, lecturers and QA professional staff

Expected Outcomes:  Participants will review fundamental tenants of assessing student learning as related to program level learning outcomes and how that information is used to improve a course or program.  Building on this knowledge, participants will review various assessment tools for determining student learning levels, based on the type of learning outcome, and the assessment data resulting from those tools.  Techniques used to aggregate data from different types of assessment tools will be practiced.  Aggregation provides an overall view of student attainment of the student outcome and provides a better basis for evaluation of where program improvements are needed.  Development of software tools to aggregate assessment data streams and display them in easy-to-understand formats—which make evaluation more straightforward—will be explored.  An electronic structure for assessment documentation (rubrics, assessment results and examples of student work) will be discussed and demonstrated.  Participants will be given the data aggregation software tool so they can customize it for their use.

7:45 – 8:00 am Zoom Registration and Entry into Zoom Room
8:00 – 8:05 am Welcome to Workshop and Its Objectives
8:05 – 9:00 am Assessment Data and Why It Is Needed
Participants will review and apply knowledge related to the various types of assessment data related to student learning, why those data should be aggregated and how those data are used in the process of improving student attainment of program student outcomes.
9:00 – 9:30 am Methodology of Assessment Data Aggregation
Participants will practice aggregating different types of assessment data in ways that avoid major statistical flaws, e.g., averaging of averaging.
9:30 – 9:45 am Biological Break
9:45 – 10:25 am Automation of Assessment Data and its Display
Participants will engage in guided development of software tools to aggregate and display assessment data in ways that enable the evaluation of those data for purposes of making program improvement decisions.
10:25 – 11:00 am Record Keeping and Storage of Required Documents
The assessment process and its results (data, data aggregation and display leading to evaluation and the results of those evaluation processes) must be documented. An approach will be modeled for the participants.
11:00 am Wrap-up & Thank you