Webinar 2: Charter Cascade Effect and Vision Activation

  • Date:April 6th, 2022  
    08:00 am
    09:00 am

In this session, participants will learn critical elements for cascading a charter through their organization and to those external to it. This session will support participants in the Charter Design Session in Vietnam by:

○     Identifying key cascade best practices and strategies.
○     Initial introduction to the Vision Activation Blueprint in preparation for the activation session later in the series.
○     Introduction to post-session Stakeholder Experience Map assignment. Assignment to be completed before working sessions.

8:00am Welcome and introductions by Dr. Christensen
8:10am Understanding the Cascade Effect
8:20am Strategies and best practices for Cascade Effect
8:35am Vision Activation overview; introduction to post-session assignment
8:50am Q&A; next steps for Charter Design session
9:00am Session wrap-up