BUILD-IT AWS DeepRacer League

  • Date:February 1st, 2023    -  February 28th, 2023  

Students, start your engines!

Learn, practice, and get hands on with machine learning through a cloud based 3D racing simulator, fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning!

Join the BUILD-IT AWS DeepRacer League, an autonomous racing league, driven by machine learning. It’s time for university students across Vietnam to race for prizes and glory, and attain AWS DeepRacer Championship. Students of all skill levels can get on the track to compete in races online and in person while improving your machine learning skills! 

You don’t need to be an AI or computer programming wiz to enter, as in the competition you’ll discover the power of machine learning, use Amazon Web Services platforms to build models, then through a cloud-based 3D racing simulator, race to win!

Target Participants: University students who are interested in machine learning. All backgrounds from business to economics to IT are welcome to join. 
Racing Awards: 

•    1x Trophy for Champion + AWS Jacket
•    1x Trophy for 1st Runner Up + AWS Jacket
•    1x Trophy for 2nd Runner Up + AWS Jacket 
All participants will receive SWAGs such as stickers from AWS. 
Registrations Close on February 24, 2023 (11:59 PM). Don't miss out! 

Feb 6- Feb 24 Registration
Registrationcloses 11:59 PM on Feb 24, 2023
Feb 27 Virtual workshop
The workshop is for all participants to learn about AWS DeepRacer and basic machine learning concepts
Feb 27 – Mar 3 Virtual race opens
Start training your models and submit to the virtual leaderboard Submissions close 11:59 AM on 3 Mar Announce top 10 participants to join Finalist briefing
Feb 27 Announcement @ Innovation Exchange
Mar 6 Finalist briefing (60 Mins)
The workshop is for top 10 participants to get familiar with the platform and prepare for the Final Race
Mar 6 - Mar 10 Finalist training own models
Finalists start training your models
Mar 13 (PM) Final Race Setup Pre-event checks & setup
Mar 14 Final Race Day
In person race for the top 10 finalists