What is HELIX?

A digital repository.

The Higher Education Learning and Innovation Exchange (HELIX) is a digital repository for educational resources and social collaboration tools.

The HELIX resources and toolkits are curated to deliver teaching and learning resources, workshop materials and technology tools. HELIX gives you the opportunity to collaborate and share your ideas with a network of educators, students, industry, government officials and employers, through our discussion boards. Engage with others through our community of practice, and help promote education innovation.

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Why join? Discover the benefits of joining our network

Access to interactive educational assets, academic programs and course delivery tools

Register online for customized trainings, workshops and conferences

Access to scholarships, internships, apprenticeships and experiential learning opportunities through our employer network

User profile dashboards and join specialized groups & teams

Connect with global peers, industry, government and academic partners and share your ideas through our discussion boards

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How to create an account


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Go to builditvietnam.org and then click on “Create an Account” link at the top right corner of the page. 


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You’ll now be in the “Create an Account” section. Use the “Facebook Login” button or fill out the form fields, to create a personal account. 



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Once your account is created, you will receive a welcome email with your login details and other system information. 



Step four of creating an account

Congratulations! You’ve just created your HELIX account. You will now have access to complete your profile and settings. 

Help us spread the word!

We want you and others to join  and enjoy the many perks of being part of our HELIX network and learn more about our efforts in Vietnam through the BUILD-IT project.

Download one page instructions, marketing and media materials for your personal use or to help us spread the word out about our online repository.

Contact us at builditvietnam@asu.edu for any ideas or questions about our download materials and resources.