Practical Flipped Classroom Seminar - UDN DaNang University of Science and Technology

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Flipped classroom instructional methodology has been gaining acceptance in classrooms all around the world. This teaching methodology promotes a student-centered and active learning approach to tertiary education. By using technology such as a learning management system (LMS), instructors utilize different content delivery modalities inside and outside the classroom, allowing them to enable more active learning in the classroom. This workshop will show participants the pedagogy of a flipped classroom environment, discuss the instructional design of a flipped classroom, reflect on video production and creation difficulties, and end with a demonstration of a flipped classroom for an engineering class at Arizona State University.Pre-Work: Prior to the workshop, participants will be required to complete 30-45 minutes of pre-work on the BUILD-IT Moodle LMS. The objective for this is to mimic the functional methodology of a flipped classroom during this seminar and allow participants to engage in this learning modality. Therefore, it is imperative that the BUILD-IT coordinator (Ms. Chau Kha) receives the final registration list by no later than 5:00 PM on March 12th. If there are any participants who have not used the BUILD-IT Moodle LMS, accounts will need to created and participants will need to register before they can access the Flipped Classroom course shell to complete the pre-work. Once enrollment of this cohort has been completed, the BUILD-IT coordinator will notify participants that they have pre-work to be completed.Post-Work: After the workshop has completed, participants will be required to return to the BUILD-IT Moodle LMS and complete their post-work. This should not take more than 15 minutes. By completing the post-work, the Flipped Classroom workshop’s example methodology will be completed. Therefore, faculty can gain a certain perspective of how this model could be used by their students, which would be centered around their course’s individual lesson planning and content.