Past Events

January 4, 2019

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting are a valuable for Higher Education.  However, too often we fail to achieve our success because we do not understand how to monitor our progress and tie our operational activities to the items most critical for achieving our goals.

January 2, 2019
eSilicon – BUILD-IT Female Engineering Student Scholarship Program is a program that offers scholarship awards to undergraduate students in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and related majors. The program aims to recognize students demonstrating excellence in these fields and to encourage outstanding global citizenship. The program is managed by eSilicon Vietnam and BUILD-IT.
December 7, 2018

Autodesk’s AutoCAD is an essential tool for product designers and engineers. Autodesk Fusion 360 integrates various tools into a designer’s product development workflow, and Fusion 360 unifies Autodesk’s design, engineering and manufacturing software into a single platform.

November 16, 2018

This workshop aims to assist BUILD-IT partner universities’ STEM faculty hone their teaching methodology in an English classroom setting.

November 15, 2018
The Pearson Education Innovation Award Vietnam is designed to promote inventive practices in all aspects of teaching and learning for STEM fields among BUILD-IT partners.
November 14, 2018

This highly-interactive workshop will focus on Critical Thinking acquisition through the lens of Active Learning, prompting faculty to participate in various activities and discussions.

October 15, 2018

This course engages participants to:

October 10, 2018

This course engages participants to:

October 8, 2018

This course engages participants to:

September 10, 2018

This course introduces faculty to basic relational database concepts. The course teaches relational database terminology, as well as data modeling concepts, building Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs), and mapping ERDs.