BUILD-IT Digital Learning Webinar Series

  • Date:June 25th, 2020 - August 13th, 2020
The roles of blended learning, flipped classroom, educational technology, and video conferencing has never been as integral as they have been in recent times. For many of us educators around the world, we have had to lean on new technologies and teaching methodologies over the past several months; even though, many of our institutions and faculties were ill-prepared for the challenges and stressors that digital learning presented.  Moving forward, it is imperative that HEI administrations prepare and support their faculty and staff with the tools and knowledge to seamlessly transition into a digital learning environment when necessary or advantageous.  The BUILD-IT Digital Learning Webinar Series is designed to give administration, faculty, and staff the knowledge and skillset to function with a high level of competency in a digital learning space. Education professionals should engage in these webinars to learn various techniques, trends, and best practices relevant to the educational segment of digital education.  Objectives:By participating in this series, participants will be able to: Transition course-level objectives and lesson-level objectives from a F2F environment into a digital environment.Maintain student connectivity and engagement through active learning techniques. Promote Student-Student and Instructor-Student communication through digital engagement tools, assignments, and assessments. Use a variety of digital tools to foster a robust online learning environment. Apply various summative and formative assessment techniques to ensure academic integrity while accurately measuring student performance.