Building a University-Wide Strategy for Raising English Proficiency Webinar Seminars

  • Date:July 7th, 2021  
    09:00 am
     -  July 28th, 2021  
    10:00 am
  • Location:Online

English capacity building is a key activity as part of a larger strategy that will support university partners in the strengthening of English language capacity to enable linkages for regional and international engagements for faculty recruitment and retention, research collaborations, student recruitment, global industry partners, and other global opportunities related to autonomy goals. Strong English capacity is a means to prepare students for the workforce directly while also allowing institutions to expand curricular activities connected to labs/industry and embedded credentials. English capabilities will further enable BUILD-IT partner institutions to realize many of the goals embedded in their developing change framework by increasing funding opportunities via higher international tuition and enabling faculty research exchanges that increase quality research funding output and expand publication opportunities.

BUILD-IT will be offering a four-part webinar series centering on English capacity building on university campuses. Several topics mentioned below will be covered over four weeks. These webinars lay the foundation for continued discussions and deep dives amongst faculty, leadership, and BUILD-IT to identify and strengthen strategies for increased English capacity on campus.

Wed, July 7 Assessing Needs and BUILD-IT Goals Alignment In the introductory webinar, participants will be asked to consider their institution’s English strategy over the next 2 years. While each universities’ goals and strategy will be different, there are commonalities that will be relevant to everyone. This introductory webinar presents an opportunity for faculty from all areas of study to come together to help envision an English strategy along with leadership and administration from their BUILD-IT partnered university.
Wed, July 14 Identifying Assets and Resources The second webinar in this series will focus on 1). Strategies and opportunities that faculty currently have on campus to help them progress English proficiency; 2). English initiatives across SE Asia and results universities are seeing with assistance from industry. This webinar will welcome Stuart Connor and Kayo Taguchi from Pearson Education.
Wed, July 21 Vietnam Case Study with English for Engineering Concepts Pilot In Fall of 2020, four BUILD-IT universities launched an innovative 13-week English pilot course that centered around STEM content. The results from this pilot saw the average student improve their IELTS-equivalent test scores increase by over 15%. Participants in this webinar will have the opportunity to hear from some of the faculty who taught this innovative course.
Wed, July 28 Student Engagement The final webinar in this series will focus on students. Getting students engaged in English can be a challenge for a lot of educators. Participants in this webinar can expect to learn some strategies to help them engage their students in an English environment.